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If you’re a grandparent who is raising your grandchildren or who is highly involved in the lives of children as a volunteer, then you should consider foster parenting.  You have decades of wisdom and life skills that you can pass on to kids who haven’t been taught those skills by their parents.  You have the time, compassion, and finances that are needed to create a stable home for foster kids.  This is also your opportunity to shape the lives of countless kids with your love and dedication.  Here are additional reasons why grandparents would make great foster parents.

Why Grandparents Make Great Foster Parents

You Can Provide Structure

For many kids in foster care, they came from homes that lacked structure.  As a result, they feel insecure about themselves and they struggle with maintaining boundaries in their lives.  Grandparents are often skilled at establishing consistent routines for kids, so when you become a foster parent, you give them the structure they need.

You Can Advocate For Them

If you had to file for custody to get your grandchildren, then you know what it’s like to be an advocate for the needs of others and how to navigate the court system. Foster kids often don’t have many people who advocate for them, and an example of this is the lack of preparation they receive for adulthood when they age out of foster care.  You would be an amazing advocate for foster kids.

You Love Working With Children

Maybe you’re a retired teacher or social services employee, and now you want to work with children in a more direct and effective way. You embrace the challenge of dealing with any trauma or other emotional issues that some foster kids have.  You have lots of patience but you know how to discipline when it’s needed.  You never run out of fun activities to do with your own grandchildren.  These things make you a great candidate for foster parenting.

It is for these reasons that grandparents would make excellent foster parents.  If you’re a grandparent who has more love and room for more kids, contact us.  We can guide you through the process and help you achieve your foster parenting goals.