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Who Are The Children in Foster Care?

Foster parents playing with baby

There is a common misconception that the children living in foster care are all made of the same cloth, so to speak. Modern media sources have made it appear that all foster children come from impoverished, abusive homes without exception to the rule. This, however, is far from the truth.

Who Are the Children in Foster Care?

Although many of the children who now live in foster care have come from poverty or abusive environments, this isn’t the case for all of them. Some come from homes with plenty of money, while others were never abused but have lost their parents somehow and are now awaiting a family to adopt them.

The Children Are Diverse

Not only do the children in foster care come from diverse economic situations, they are diverse in every other way. They cover the spectrum of cultural and racial backgrounds. They come in all different ages, from newborn all the way up to months shy of turning eighteen. The only singular thing they have in common is that something happened to place.

Sometimes the reason children are placed in foster care is simply a matter of their parents making poor choices. In these cases, the children are only in there temporarily while their parents work on fixing their lifestyle to create a safer environment to raise their children in. Other children have lost their parents or have been permanently taken away from their parents for extensive abuse or neglect. These children need longer term fostering while they await adoption.

Not Bad Kids

The children in foster care are not bad kids. They are normal kids who simply need to be taken care of like every other kid. Being taken away from their parents is traumatic for many of these children, but it doesn’t make them bad kids. Just kids who need a little extra love, attention, and reassurance while they weather a difficult time.


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