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a foster child in his bedroom reading at night

Shot of a little boy using a digital tablet in bed at night.

One of the anxieties new foster parents face when introducing a child into their home is providing them with a room where they truly feel comfortable. Your foster child’s new bedroom should be a peaceful haven where they can relax and feel safe. Foster kids will experience their own misgivings after being placed in an unfamiliar environment, so you should make the child’s bedroom a welcome retreat.

Ask yourself these questions while preparing your foster child’s bedroom:

Space for Their Things

Is there space for them to keep their belongings? Every child should have a closet or a dresser where they can keep their clothes and other personal items. This will also help them be able to keep their rooms tidy and clean. If you have limited space, consider using storage bins and shelves.

Bed Size

Is their bed the right size? Your child will need comfortable sleeping arrangements. A twin bed is suitable for most children, but if you’re fostering a baby or a very young toddler, you may want to invest in a crib.


Have you provided toiletries? Make sure to have set aside a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant for your child to have when they arrive at your home. Steer clear of products with any allergens.


Does your child have books to read? Reading is crucial at any age in a child’s development, but reading aloud to your new foster child can also help strengthen your bond with them. Buy some books that are appropriate for your foster’s age with a wide appeal. You can buy more once you become familiar with your child’s specific interests.


Does your child need toys to play with? If you’re adopting a younger kid, having a few toys or stuffed animals can make your child feel more at ease in their new home.

Learn More About Preparing a Bedroom for Your New Foster Child

If you need any more ideas or suggestions about helping your new foster settle in, we’re always here to help.