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The Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

Wherever you are in your adoption journey, know that you are supported and loved. It can be a scary and overwhelming time in a birth mother’s life. It’s crucial to have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Below is helpful information to guide birth mothers on the path that best suits you and your child.

First Steps

The first step is to decide if adoption is right for you and your baby. Once settled, you should find an adoption agency to begin the process of relinquishing parental rights. Both parents must be willing to relinquish their rights. No other family members require legal input on the process. If you are under the age of 18, you can still relinquish your rights without parental consent.

The adoption agency will assist in creating an adoption plan that reflects your needs. During this step is when you will decide the type of adoption desired, closed, or open.

Next Steps

Once the plan is drawn up, you will decide on the family in which your child gets placed. The families available are based on your child’s profile. During this step, it is crucial to answering all health and family background questions openly and honestly so your child gets placed with the best possible family.

The adoption agency will make arrangements for you to meet and get to know the prospective adoptive parents. Meeting prospective families is an essential step so that you feel comfortable, and the family requesting adoption is the best choice. Additionally, the adoptive parents will take this opportunity to see if the match is right for them too.

Final Steps

A judge will collect all pertinent information from the adoption file. If your child is deemed legally free for adoption by the adoption agency, he/she will approve the adoption at a scheduled hearing at the adoption agency’s request.

The adoption agency is with you during every step of the adoption process to include explaining medical costs that are covered and providing the necessary counseling to work through this emotional time.

You may change your mind up until 30-45 days after your child gets placed. If you change your decision, you will need to provide convincing evidence that the best interest of the child is no longer with an adoptive family.

Learn More About Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

If you are looking for adoption or fostering options or have questions, we are happy to help. We are here to guide you with all of your adoption needs.