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Staying calm is a top priority for foster care parents. Your foster child will pick up on your mood and copy your behavior. When you deal with pressure constructively, you’re teaching them important life skills, and helping them to feel secure and happy during difficult times.

Staying Calm

On the other hand, no one is saying that it’s an easy job. School closings and health risks have added to the usual daily stress for many foster parents. Here are some suggestions for staying calm:

Focus on Prevention:

You can’t get rid of every misfortune in life, but you can reduce irritations and accidents  by planning ahead. Start by cultivating a strong and supportive relationship between you and your foster child. Those bonds will help you get through difficult times. Make family meetings and movie nights part of your daily routine. Use meal times and other occasions as opportunities to share conversation and laughter. Know your foster child’s limits. Try to avoid putting them in situations that they’re not ready to handle.

Deal with Drama:

Of course, you’ll still have conflicts and setbacks no matter how well you organize your day. Remember that you’re on the same side. Work as a team to fix problems and overcome challenges. Make self care a foster care family priority. It’s easier to stay calm when you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and sleep well. Finally, know your warning signs that suggest you might lose your cool. If you have a headache or you just had an argument with your boss, take a break. A few deep breaths or a cup of tea might help you to resist saying anything that could hurt your foster child’s feelings.

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