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When you are in the process of becoming a foster parent, you will go through a home study. This is a very important part of the foster care training process because it ensures that you are capable of having a foster child in your home. However, many people do not know what to expect, and this can make them feel a bit anxious. Here’s what to expect from a foster care home study.

What To Expect From A Foster Care Home StudyBackground Check 

As part of your foster care home study, you will receive a background check. This is simply to make sure that you have a clear record and are suitable to have a foster child in your home. This process generally takes a few days or so, and doesn’t require you to do anything but agree to the background check.

Home Visits 

Another part of the home study process are the home visits. During these visits, a foster care agent will come to your home and talk with you and your family. They will also look through your home and let you know if any changes need to be made to make your home suitable for foster children.

Parenting Style 

During your home study, the foster care agent will see how you parent your own children, if you have any. This helps them to get a feel for how you parent and lets them know how you will handle having foster children in your home.


Your finances will be looked at during the home study process, simply to ensure that you have enough funds to care for your current needs. You will receive more income to care for your foster child, but this income should all go to the foster child and shouldn’t be used to meet your own needs.

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