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A foster family plays a huge role in the life of their foster child. They can do things for the foster child that no one else can do. Here are some of the roles of a foster family.

The Role Of A Foster Family

Provide For The Child’s Physical Needs

One role of the foster family is to provide for the physical needs of their foster child. This includes things like a place to sleep, a bathroom, food to eat, clothes to wear, and other things of this nature. It also means taking the child into the doctor for regular checkups, as well as when they are feeling ill. This helps to ensure that all of their physical needs are met, so you can then take care of them in other ways as well.

Enroll The Child In School

Another important role of a foster family is to enroll the foster child in school. It is so important that this child gets the education that they need in order to succeed in school. This may mean that they need some extra tutoring, extra testing, or placement in a special needs class. Whatever the situation may be, it is important that the child is taken to all of their school activities and also receives any extra help at home.

Act As The Child’s Family

Perhaps one of the most important roles of the foster family is to act as the child’s family. This doesn’t mean that you are replacing their own family, but that you are treating them as you would one of your own children and that your children are treating them as a sibling. This helps the child to adjust to your home and makes them feel loved and accepted as a part of your family.

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