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TFI Kansas Program, Grow Nurturing Families, Names New Director with a Passion for Child Welfare


TFI is pleased to announce Anna Brown as the new Director of Grow Nurturing Families, a Kansas program that emphasizes praise and positive interactions, as well as quality time between parent and child(ren). Brown has been promoted from her previous role with Grow Nurturing Families as Supervisor to Director.


Brown began working in child welfare in 2013, assisting families after their children returned home from foster care. She has also worked as the Program Director of Pathway Family Services in Topeka. In addition to those positions, Brown has worked in child welfare as a therapist and supervisor for more than 10 years. Before her work at TFI, Brown served children and families as a children’s minister for 12 years in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nevada.


“My passion is to serve children and families in order to strengthen family attachments and create more safe and secure environments in their homes,” said Brown.


Brown is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and attended Friends University. Grow Nurturing Families is a TFI prevention program that utilizes an evidence-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) model.


As director of Grow Nurturing Families, Brown will assist staff in providing PCIT to families in Kansas to create positive attachments between children and their caregivers. PCIT teaches parents a set of specific skills that will decrease problematic behaviors in their home and increase their bond with their children. Brown will also work with community partners to increase awareness of TFI programs while taking referrals from the Department for Children and Families (DCF).


Grow Nurturing Families is being offered through a Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) grant. Grow Nurturing Families is premised on the belief that all families have value and children belong with their parents. For more information or to learn more about what services Grow Nurturing Families offers visit Grow Nurturing Families (PCIT) – TFI Kansas (