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What is Respite Care?

respite care offering aid to foster parents

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Homes filled with children are also filled with energy. Parents balancing the needs of birth children and foster children are likely to experience burnout unless they take time to get away and rest. Respite foster care offers a unique opportunity for both foster families and those who might like to serve as foster parents but don’t have the right amount of time to devote to caring for a child full time.

When is Respite Care Needed?

Respite care is temporary care. Indeed, the purposes for it can vary. The situation depends on the needs of the family requesting care. Certainly, arrangements can be made well in advance or very quickly, in the case of an emergency.

Perhaps the parents want to spend time alone with their birth children. A respite caregiver can help. Life is full of unexpected challenges. In fact, a family could experience the death of a grandparent, a serious illness, or simply need to focus on their birth children for a couple of weeks. These instances can actually be beneficial for the entire family. A foster child may need a break from his foster family. Time spent in a family without children, or with different children, can be exciting for a foster child. An adult interested in the idea of caring for a foster child can explore the experience by taking responsibility for a foster child who needs it.

How Long Does a Child Stay in Respite Care?

The amount of time a child is placed in respite care can vary greatly. If a parent needs to recover from minor surgery, a child might stay for one or two days. If the parents choose to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasions, the care may be needed for less than twenty-four hours.

Learn More About Respite Care

Respite care allows everyone to feel comfortable knowing that the foster child will be cared for by individuals who care about children and are invested in the foster care system.

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