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foster child jumping on the bed in new room

Jumping on the bed.

Once you have been licensed as a foster care provider, you may not have much time before your first placement. Now is the time to get your home ready so you are prepared for a foster child. Consider these five tips in your preparations.

Collect Clothing and Toiletries

Stock up on basic toiletries, such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc., and clothing of various sizes and genders so you can be ready for your foster child’s arrival. Some foster children arrive with very little and spare items will be a big help and comfort.

Lock Away Medications and Chemicals

Foster homes are required to have all medications and chemicals (ex. cleaning supplies) locked away. You can find good solutions at a hardware store, including a good combination lock. Also, go ahead and stock up on common medications (ex. pain medication, cold medicine, lice treatments, etc.) because it is not uncommon for sickness to increase when a new foster child arrives, just like in a new school year.

Make a Comfortable Bedroom

Set up a basic room that is inviting and comforting. Be sure to include a bed, age-appropriate bedding, bedside table, dresser, night light, and common toys. Hold off on cute decorations so the foster child can provide input and make it their own.

Secure Breakable and Sentimental Items

Put any breakable and sentimental items in a safe place and away from little hands. Create an environment that is as stress-free for you and the foster child so that he or she feels safe to play as desired without the repercussions of special items being broken or causing damage.

Stock the Food Pantry

You may not know what your new placement prefers food-wise, but you can stock your pantry with commonly enjoyed basics so that you can throw together an enjoyable meal that first night.

Learn More About Preparing Your Home For a Foster Child

Get your house ready but remember the most important thing is to keep your environment calm, fun, and welcoming for your foster child and your own family.  If you would like more information about being a foster care provider, please contact us for more information.