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part of the fostering provess is introducing a love of books

Two little girls reading in a field.

Growing up, were books “your friends”? That’s probably an idea lots of us recall from those trips with mom and dad to the library. Indeed, for many, reading was a best friend–always there, comforting, ready with answers. For foster parents, reading is an essential part of the fostering process.


Every foster/adoptive parent wants to ensure that a child gets the highest quality education available. Thus, that puts a premium on reading. According to educators, the first foundations of education are laid in three ways:

  • By parents who begin reading to their children regularly, as soon as a child can understand the material. Also, well before they are introduced to formal reading instruction. The message: Dad and mom care about this.
  • By homes where all kinds of reading matter—books, magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers—are visible and parents use them and discuss them. The message: Reading is a key to understanding mom’s and dad’s world.
  • Age-appropriate books for kids and regular trips to the library, including for reading sessions where kids see other kids enjoying books.

The Reading “Bug”

Once a child has the “bug”, reading becomes a babysitter, a playmate, a teacher—and a source of considerable self-esteem and self-confidence. “Knowledge is power” in the best sense.

Even if you personally may not have grown up with lots of books, there is good news. The great classic books for “kids”—even preschoolers—are so brilliantly written that adults love their imagination, wordplay, and ample humor. Look at “Eggs and Green Ham” by Dr. Seuss and “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White.

For a sure-fire successful start, try the “Parent & Child 100 Best Books for Kids” assembled by the long-standing education company, Scholastic Books.

At the same time, don’t overlook books that stimulated your fascination with the world, provided your childhood heroes, and set your heart racing at the suspense. It is a wonderful feeling to see your son or daughter thrill to your old favorites.

Learn More About The Fostering Process

Furthermore, literally, thousands of books, including the classics, that are now out of copyright can be downloaded from absolutely free onto a Kindle, Nook, or your computer’s E-book reader.

Summer reading, winter snuggling up with a good book, fall back-to-school reading: books are always there to be part of your family’s story. At TFI, we always welcome your questions about any aspect of the foster care process.