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Becoming a foster parent is an exciting experience, but it is also a big step. If you are considering becoming a foster parent, you might have several concerns and questions. Whether you are ready to start the process of becoming a foster parent as soon as possible, or if it is simply something you want to consider doing in a few years, there are several things you can start doing now to prepare to become a foster parent.

Prepare to become a foster parent to share an embrace like this one between foster mother and daughter

Become Financially Stable

You do not need to be rich or even own your own home to become a foster parent. You do, though, need to be financially stable enough to welcome a foster child or children into your home. Having a stable income, a reliable vehicle, and a working telephone are all part of becoming financially stable.

Have Enough Room in Your Home

If you are going to foster children, they need a place to sleep. For some people, this may mean getting a larger home with more bedrooms or at least purchasing more beds. Each of your foster children should have a place to call their own, even if it’s only a bed and small space to put their personal items.

Get Fingerprinted

Anyone who is interested in becoming a foster parent will need to submit to being fingerprinted. Fingerprinting is required for everyone in your household 14 years old or older. This includes your spouse, children, or anyone else in your household. While some criminal charges will not prevent you from becoming a foster parent, if you or anyone in your household has pled guilty or been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence or crimes against children, you will not be able to be licensed as a foster parent.

Be Ready to Love

Children in foster care have often suffered neglect. They may have been abused or seen one or both of their parents deal with substance abuse. They really need to know that they are important and feel your love.

Learn More About How to Prepare to Become a Foster Parent

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