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The US as a whole is in desperate need of more foster families to help care for the more than 443,000 children residing in the foster care system on any given day. Many people consider becoming foster parents, but never do. Unfortunately, the reason behind so many people deciding against fostering isn’t because they don’t care, but rather because there are an abundance of myths revolving around the children in foster care. Today, we’re here to debunk some of the more prevalent myths about foster kids to help better inform potential foster parents of what the children in foster care are really like.

Myths About Foster Kids: Debunked

Myth: All the children in foster care are “troubled” kids and require a lot of care

Truth: While most foster kids do need extra care because of traumatic experiences in their life before coming to you, they aren’t all “troubled” kids. Just regular kids who need help healing from some things.

Myth: You can’t help foster kids unless you’re married, own your home, and have a lot of money

Truth: Anyone with the time and space can foster children. While you do need to have a stable income, you don’t have to be married or own your home.

Myth: Foster older children and teenagers is frightening because they’ll steal from you and hurt your family

Truth: Teenagers, like all other foster kids, run the gambit. They are just as likely to be sweet, charming, and steal your heart as a baby or younger child will.

Myth: Babies who are foster kids are easier and won’t be affected by their traumatic experiences as much.

Truth: The babies entering foster care are still affected by separation and trauma. They may also have disabilities or serious health issues, and are equally as difficult or easy as older children.

For more information on foster kids, or to help them and the families who care for them, contact us today.