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When people think of foster parents, they often imagine a couple who takes in children. If you are unmarried, though, you might wonder if you can foster as a single parent. The good news is that your marital status does not influence your ability to become a foster parent. As a single parent, though, you might have specific concerns and questions.

Can I Pick the Child or Children That I Foster?

Woman who acts as foster as a single parent reading to foster child at park in fall

While this is not a concern unique to unmarried foster parents, the reasons for your concern could be legitimate. Maybe, you’re an unmarried woman who is not comfortable having teenage boys in your home, or as someone who works a full-time job, you only want to foster older children whose school schedule is similar to your work schedule. Perhaps, you don’t feel like you can adequately care for a child with a severe physical handicap. The good news is that no matter the reason for your concern, you can pick the children you foster as a single parent.

Who Will Care for the Children When I Take a Business Trip?

Being out of town for a few days at a time does not disqualify you from being a foster parent. Just like you would do with your birth or adoptive children, you can decide who cares for your child or children while you are gone. This could be a friend, family member, or someone else that you trust. If you are gone for less than seven days, you do not need the caregiver approved. You should simply use your best judgment. If you are going to be gone for seven to thirteen days, the caregiver must be approved through the agency. Formal respite caregivers who are also approved foster homes may also be used.

What If I’m Not Good at Parenting?

Just about every parent has this concern whether they are married or not. The key is simply to do your best to provide the love and stability that the children need. Be the person they need in their lives. If you have the desire, you’ll likely do a good job.

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