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Being a foster parent means you have opened your home and heart to a new family member to whom you are not related. Connections do not happen overnight; sometimes, you are unsure how to show love to a foster child. Some foster children may have undergone so much rejection and traumas in the past that they have found it hard to trust. Loving foster kids will require you to go out of your way to make the child feel unconditional love like the other kids.
Here are some tips to help you love your foster child right!

4 Ways to Show Love to Your Foster Child

Spend Time with Your Foster Child

Despite the busy schedule you might be having, if you want to form a connection with your foster kid, you will have to spend time with them. You can sit together, go to a park or tour around the place. If the child is comfortable enough, they will talk, and you get time to respond. This will strengthen the bond, and love will grow eventually.

Gift Your Foster Child

Gifting is a love language used to create a bond between the foster child and the parent. First, get to know what they like and gift them something with a meaning to show you are paying attention and you mind them. You can also do surprise gifts like sticking a card on the lunchbox or in their room.

Words of Affirmation

Use positive words to compliment your foster child, even for the little achievements. When you use words of affirmation, they send a message to the kid that you love them, and they will never forget the kind words you said to them.
You can also develop a habit of complimenting them in public. For instance, if there is a game in school and you are watching your kid play, you can cheer them up to boost their morale.

Love the Foster Child Even at the Worst

Some foster children have experienced traumas in their early life, so anything may trigger their memories. Sometimes the child can be so hard to understand that you feel like giving it all up. However, this is the best time to show them love even when they do not reciprocate.

Bottom Line

If you have decided to become a foster parent, you need to have a lot of patience when dealing with your foster kid. Some of these kids have many childhood traumas, and anything can trigger the memories. Show them love even when you don’t feel like they aren’t showing you an equal measure of love.

For more tips on how to love your foster child and form connections easily, do not hesitate to contact us today!