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Many people are reluctant to apply to become foster parents because of what they perceive as their inadequacies. They may not have a very high income or a very large house. They may not have their own vehicle or they might be unmarried. A lot of people who would like to be a foster parent automatically disqualify themselves because they don’t have these imagined criteria. Now, the fact is that the requirements for being a foster parent vary from state to state but here are some general guidelines:

3 Reasons Why You Can Be a Foster Parent

  1. Age: In general, you don’t need to be in your late twenties or thirties in order to become a foster parent. Most states will allow you to become a foster parent at 21 while some will even allow you to foster a child at 18! Of course, it’s best for you to consider whether you are really mature and settled enough to foster a child. But if you feel like you are ready and you’re really enthusiastic about the idea, the laws will not stop you.
  2. Income: You may think that, since you don’t have a very high income, you are automatically disqualified from becoming a foster parent. But as long as you make enough money to support your family, you should be fine. People with a high income as well as people in a low income bracket have become foster parents.
  3. Home: Yet another thing that might deter you from becoming a foster parent is the fact that you don’t own a very big home. Or maybe you don’t own a home at all and are renting a place instead. Keep in mind that neither of these is really a deterrent to becoming a foster parent. Different states have different requirements about how many kids can share a room and whether kids of different genders can share the same room. So all you have to do is meet these requirements.

Contact us to learn more about the requirements it to foster and whether you fulfill them.