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mother doing her best while single foster parenting

Making breakfast in the morning.

As a single person, you might wonder if foster parenting would work for you. The fact is that there are amazing benefits of fostering as a single parent. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, it’s vital that you consider your availability, commitment level, and your overall income as well as other factors. Keep in mind that you’ll also spend a lot of time with your caseworker and others affiliated with the children. You might also receive criticism from some friends or relatives about wanting to be a single foster parent. However, with the right resources and hard work, it’s possible.

More Freedom in Your Parenting

If you were a married foster parenting, you will need to share your parenting decisions with a spouse. But as a single foster parent, you have more freedom in your parenting decisions. While you’re still required to do certain things by your state’s department of social services, you’ll be able to develop the best strategy that works best for the children based on their needs. In addition, if you get a placement call for multiple kids, you won’t have to consider a spouse’s opinions first. You can take in as many as you would like.

Ideal for Those Who Struggle With Infertility

 Maybe you struggled with infertility for many years, and you’re in your 30s or early 40s. Foster care is an excellent option if you’re in this situation. Your child doesn’t have to be biological in order for you to love and nurture him deeply. You can offer your foster child the same thing, and you’ll have a joy that you never experienced before.

You Contribute to Your Community

Another reward of single foster parenting is that you can contribute to your community in a meaningful way. In many states across the U.S., there is a great need for foster parents, and even single persons are welcomed to apply to become foster parents. The most important thing is the unconditional love, safe environment, and support you can offer to the children.

Learn More About Single Foster Parenting

If you’re a single person who is interested in foster parenting, contact us. We offer assistance and guidance as you begin a memorable journey that will change your life long term.