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Make Reading a Priority
One of the most important gifts you can give your child this summer is the ability to enjoy reading. Some children are naturally eager readers; however, others would never associate “reading” and “fun”. For those children, we must pull out all the stops to foster a love of reading. It is imperative to develop structure while also giving children a choice in their reading material.

The key to motivating reluctant readers is to find the right series of books that will pique their interests. As a parent, you know your child best. What does he love? If it’s sports, subscribe to Sports Illustrated for Kids. Perhaps your child would enjoy a sports-related book in the Matt Christopher series. Does he want to be a veterinarian? Go to the library and check out books on animals. If your child will only read a certain series of books, that’s okay; at least he’s reading. Don’t turn up your nose at your child’s choice of books; it can discourage reading.

It’s perfectly acceptable for your child to read books he’s already read. In fact, one of the fastest ways to build reading fluency is to read a book slightly below grade level, three times. Not sure if a book is too difficult? Use the 5 finger rule. If your child mispronounces 5 or more words on a page, the book is too hard for him.
Magazines are often the way to get reluctant readers on the page. Even magazines about video games require reading! Subscribe to publications like American Girl, Boys’ Quest, National Geographic World, Nickelodeon, or Ranger Rick and put the subscription in your child’s name.

Most children love comic books and they are a great way to ease into reading more traditional books. Many novels now come in comic book form and kids love them! No wonder books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid are more popular than ever.

Consider books on tape. Learning Ally (formerly Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic) provides access to the nation’s largest audio book library of textbooks and literature titles. You may want to monitor your child while he is listening to a book to know that he isn’t just staring into space. Children can develop fluency and a better sight word vocabulary if they are tracking the words along with the reader’s voice.

Sign up for the summer reading program through your local library, book store, or online through Scholastic; click on “Read for the World Record”. These programs provide structure, accountability, and incentives. Find out how many books your child is expected to read and set goals. If it’s four books, then set attainable goals, such as 25 pages per week or one chapter per day.

Kids love computers, so use “screen time” to your advantage. Enroll your child in a structured, online reading program that’s fun, engaging, and helps to improve reading decoding, fluency, and comprehension. Check out Headsprout for ages 4 to 11 and Study Dog, also a video game format reading program for ages 4 to 8.

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Kansas Foster Care Staff would like to thank all of the wonderful TFI foster families for their devotion to taking care of our state’s most vulnerable children and youth. YOU are heroes of our communities. We look forward to honoring you at our TFI Foster Family Day at the K on 5/11/19. We hope you are able to join us!

We are also actively planning our annual Foster Care Retreat for Wichita, KS this year. At this time we are looking at dates in September and October and we will let you know as soon as a date is nailed down.


“I was welcomed.” “I was encouraged.” “I was loved.” All phrases used by foster children to describe Duane and Robin Rieschick. Duane and Robin have been foster parents since 2014. The couple has a unique back story just like the children that are placed in their home. Robin was a foster parent long before she met her husband Duane. She was inspired to become a foster parent by her mother, who was a foster parent for over thirty years. Robin started fostering in the late nineties and has been ever since. Duane married Robin in 2013 and decided that he too wanted to become a foster parent. The Rieschick’s have made it their mission to make sure that the children placed in their home are involved in school related functions, recreational activities, community events, and are fed local and healthy foods. The couple loves being able to provide stability, consistency, structure, and encouragement to the youth that are placed in their home. The Rieschick’s also are understanding when there is a setback but they still let the child know they are there for them. The Rieschick’s understand the true meaning of what it means to be a foster parent!


Please welcome Colleen Duering as our new Nebraska Foster Care Worker. Colleen comes to us with over twenty years working in the Human Service field in various capacities in the Hall County area. We are thrilled to have her at TFI She will be serving our Nebraska foster families and working to grow our foster home base in the area.


We have three new staff members joining our agency in Oklahoma.
Please join us in welcoming them to our growing agency!

Kelly Amos is a Foster Care Worker who will work in Enid and surrounding areas. Kelly has been married to Roy Amos for 39 years. The Amos’ family have been a kinship home for their grandson for 10 years now. Kelly has her BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she is currently seeking a Masters in Science in General Psychology. She has worked for Drug Court, YWCA, and Preventiworkz. Kelly states she is excited to join the TFI family!

Michelle Ahmed is our home study writer for Tulsa and surrounding areas. Michelle obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of California Santa Barbara. Fun fact: Michelle has only been in Oklahoma for TWO months! During her free time, although she is not sure there is any “free time” being a parent, she enjoys spending time with family and chasing her toddler around. She loves seeing new places, trying new food and hopes to travel more in the future. Michelle is excited that this is her first employment opportunity in Oklahoma and looks forward to working with everyone, in some capacity!

Molly Glassco is a Foster Care Worker for Tulsa and surrounding areas. Molly has been a mental health therapist for over five years. She began her professional career as the youngest employee to ever be hired at the Tulsa County Court House. While being employed through the county, Molly obtained her Bachelor’s of Social Work from NSU as well as her Master’s of Social Work at OU. Molly’s passion for advocating and helping others led her to work for a prominent mental health facility in the Tulsa area. When not working, she enjoys advocating and finding placement for rescue dogs.


Malia Smith has fostered since August 2015 and has provided safe placement to more than 36 children. She prefers to accept sibling sets that range between ages 0-10 years old. Malia is a single parent with two bio children and one adopted child. Malia is a current foster parent of two children. Malia has a huge heart for the children in state custody and continues to go above and beyond for the children of Oklahoma. Malia works with OKfosters and sees the need every day for children to have a safe place to land while their parents work towards their reunification goals. Malia understands that change doesn’t happen overnight. She understands that no one just wakes up one day in crisis, it happens over time; therefore, time is what is needed. She enjoys encouraging children and supporting biological parents along the way.


The Recruitment team at TFI would like to say “Thank You” for all that you do to provide safe and loving homes to children year round. As Summer approaches, we know that many of your families will be entering a time of transition. Schedules change, activities shift and arrangements are being made for the various summer needs. Maybe child care needs to be arranged, or registration for different camps are coming up. Through the stress and discomfort of change, we want to encourage you to remember your “why”. What is your “WHY”? The KIDS. Let these KIDS motivate you to KEEP INVOLVED DURING SUMMER (KIDS). Invest in their lives. Invest in the Bio family when you can. KEEP INVOLVED DURING SUMMER in recruiting and advocating for new foster homes – and earn a $500 referral bonus. TFI is devoted to the Strength of the Family. This includes KIDS of all ages.

TFI Anniversary

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Although childhood trauma can have serious, lasting effects, there is hope. With the help of supportive, caring adults, children can and do recover.